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The Catholic Mom:

Asking Mother Mary to Make Up For What We Lack as Mothers

The Elephant Journal:

The Old Woman on the Cathedral Steps (Poem)

The Gentle Journey:Depression to Hope

Dear Introvert, A Christmas Letter

Huffington Post 

6 Things We Learn From Backpacking

5 Things We Didn't Expect When Adopting Internationally

What Not To Say In Front of an Adopted Child

Why Friendship Is So Important When living Abroad

4 Things To Do Differently For A More Meaningful Christmas

When Life Just Isn't Fair

When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

The Woman in the Empty Room: We Are Not What We Own

Infertility: A Grief No One Sees

When People Ask What's "A Big Boy Like That"Doing In A Stroller

Life Lessons From Gordon Ramsay

Just Not a Dog Person: Thoughts on the Death of a Pet

It's Safe To Let Things Go

Parenting When Autism Is Your Normal

The Mighty

When People Ask What "A Big Boy Like That" Is Doing In A Stroller

Why We Need To Talk About Mental Illness

To Those Who Choose Not to Openly Share Their Mental Health Struggles

Everyday Feminism

How Infertility Really Feels

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